Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was working out every day and eating clean. Lifting weights were my happy place, and when I got off work at 5,  that was what I was itching to do as soon as I got home. Sometimes, I would even get up before the rooster crows and hit the gym before work. And I mean this quite literally because we actually have a rooster, solid white, that we call Moonshine. Working out and getting that sweat going really is a dose of unknown energy that you didn’t know you had before. I recommend it to everyone. Try it, give it at least a month, don’t quit! I can almost guarantee the change you feel in yourself, mentally and physically, will be addictive. Pair this with clean eating, and you will be damn near unstoppable.

This was me in the best shape of my life:


Before and after of when I started working out and eating clean:



But then self-employment happened. I have spent the last year and 5 months with my head down and building my business. Literally sitting on my ass at a laptop for hours every day. If I wasn’t sleeping, eating or tending to my family I was working. Working to grow my business. All concern for my health and physical appearance went out the window. I felt like if I wasn’t doing something to grow my business, then I was losing money. But in all actuality, I was losing something much more important…. myself! I started to gain weight, I started smoking, I no longer gave a second thought to what I put in my mouth to feed my body, and drinking was an everyday thing. Absolutely no physical activity and I once was a clean freak but I even let the cleanliness of my home go.

It has just been in the past month that I have made positive changes in my life to turn this path around. I have finally gotten my eBay and Amazon reselling business going enough to where I have some breathing room. So now I want to feel that happiness again that I once felt when I was “killing it”,  so to speak, with my workouts. When I was always the one that everyone else looked at as if I were crazy because I wouldn’t dare put a fried food in my mouth. Call me vain, self-centered, conceited, whatever, but I miss being “HOT”. These awful habits that I took on have left their mark. My hair has thinned and my skin is blotchy. My pants no longer fit. I am a mess.

But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m proud to say that I quit smoking, I even threw a half a pack of Camels in the trash.  That was about a month ago and I have absolutely no plans of going pack to being controlled by something so self-destructive.  I have also started working out again. I have gone to the local park with my daughter several times and ran while she plays. I started to lift weights again and it feels amazing. I have started to watch more closely what I eat again. Baby steps because I do LOVE food. All these changes have made me happy.  I pressure washed the whole outside of my house today, something that was long over do. It was great because not only is the outside of my house now algae free but I also worked on my tan and got the benefit of physical activity today, that ladder is no joke! My family and I even went camping this past weekend where we went on a 5-mile hike through the mountains to see Hidden Falls in Oconee State Park.

Me with my love:


It feels so good to be active again. I already feel so much better, inside and out. There is one more thing that I haven’t quite changed …….the alcohol. Even as I write this there is a cold Michelob on my desk. I can’t even guess what number this makes today. I love beer. I love wine. Merlot and extra sharp cheese are my weakness. The alcohol is going to be a challenge. I ‘m not going to completely stop drinking but I do realize I need to cut back.  I was doing research online about drinking and studies show that more than 14 servings a week is excessive, I am well above that some weeks. Studies show that excessive drinking can cause thinning hair, which I have been struggling with for the past year, not to mention all the other side effects. I’m just pointing out that particular one because it is the one I notice most.

So yes, I still have things to work on but I feel as if I have come a long way. I’m slowly making my way back to myself. Back to happiness. Back to good health.


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