I love to “make stuff”! Usually my “making stuff” is cooking or baking for my family, trying new tastes and meals. But with there being only two others besides myself in the family, and those two are very picky, my creations don’t always get eaten unless it is by me trying not to let food go to waste ( one of my pet peeves ).

Enter soap making! With soap making I have found that I can “make stuff” with endless possibilities! The past few months I have experimented with many different bath products. Soap, body scrubs and butters, lotions, beard oils, and bath bombs. I love it! The colors, fragrances, textures, presentations and not to mention the health benefits of using all natural products! I have even sold a few of my creations in my eBay store:

Dirty Girls and Guys Bath and Body

I’ve gotten some really good feedback too!


I have  gotten my 9 year old daughter hooked as well! We both love owls and I found an adorable silicone owl mold on eBay that I purchased. So a few nights ago I introduced us both to Melt-And-Pour soap and we experimented with using and layering different colors. They are not perfect but my daughter and I both had a “hoot” making these soaps and now we have some Gardenia scented owls to keep clean with!


She has been begging to make some more so I ordered some new fragrances and they came in yesterday so we plan on whipping of some more creations this weekend! I love Bramble Berry and Bulk Apothecary (not affiliated with either) for ordering fragrances, soap and lotion bases, oils and packaging. And then I have found that eBay and Amazon is a great place to order tools and other supplies.

So for anyone else that loves to “make stuff” , you may want to give soap making a try. It has really been a joy to make things that you can use with the fragrances that you love. Not to mention making a little extra money and best of all….. Making Memories!


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