I’ve had this Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Elephant for probably about 10 months now. It has sat in my “warehouse” , among the many other forgotten and  abandoned stuffed animals, that are patiently awaiting new homes. I probably paid somewhere along the lines of .50 cent for it at a thrift store , brought it home, made it photo shoot ready and listed it at what I thought a fair price. Then I waited. Waited for the moment to hear that familiar “CHA-CHING” , take a look at my phone and be happily ship this adorable elephant off to it’s new life to be loved again.

Well that moment came 3 days ago on January the 12th. I was happy for the sale and I thought a total sale price of $24.59 was a pretty good win for me. Buyer’s note read “Please package carefully.” So I packed it up and sent it on it’s way to Illinois.

This is where the kicking myself comes in. Last night while scrolling through my Facebook feed I come across this link

Ringling Bros. Circus is Shutting Down after 146 years

Instantly, I regretfully think about my “good sale” a mere two days before and think to myself “IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN!”

So did this buyer have an inside tip? Or is it just a coincidence that the elephant that has sat in my keep for 10 months sells hours before it potentially could be worth alot more?!  Guess I will never know because I don’t want to shame myself even more by messaging the buyer and asking. But that’s the crazy thing about eBay, you never really know what to expect or what’s going to happen. What is just a humble elephant today, could be a treasure tomorrow. So to my buyer……Well played, Mister! Well played!


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