I have been planning a trip to Montana for my little family for this year. One , because its been my dream to see Montana and possibly someday have a humble abode there, and also because I have never flown. I’m getting to the age to where I want to start experiencing the wonders of life more, and travel, travel, travel!

Which brings me to credit card rewards. Lately, when we travel, the hotels have been paid with my American Express rewards. It’s pretty awesome! I pay my American Express card balance every month. Which is important so that I’m not racking up anymore debt ( I’m in the process of paying off multiple accounts).  But, everything that I can pay for with my American Express, I do. EVERYTHING! Being an online retailer, shipping is my biggest expense. AMEX gives me TRIPLE points for shipping charges! Sweet!

So as I’m watching my points add up every month, that Montana experience s getting closer and closer for me. I plan on paying for the airline tickets with my points. So take this blog post as a tip to all online sellers. USE A CARD WITH REWARDS. Because it does pay off. These points add up quick! You are spending the money anyways, and as long as you pay the balance every month, you’re good as gold! Work smarter, not harder!


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