As I sit here on my couch waiting for the chicken to get done in the boyfriend’s new smoker that I bought him for Christmas, I reflect on what a productive day it has been!


Up and at ’em early since 5 AM , it has been a day full of shipping orders and listing new products! Finally starting to work on the pile of clothes that has been sitting in the living room for weeks since I now have a steam option on the new dryer that my BF got me for Christmas, and I must say that Whirlpool makes getting those wrinkles out a breeze! Sales have not been too shabby today and I even received a nice personal email from a happy customer last night!


It’s always nice to know my efforts in providing great customer service are appreciated!

I’m have been working more on Shopify as well and hope to have my own website up and running within a year, all the while trying to utilize social media more to acquire sales.

Anywho, chicken is done and me and the fam are about to dig in so, toodles!


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