Carrot Cake Popsicles

This recipe can be varied a few different ways. Using fresh carrot will give some texture in the popsicles but if you don’t like that then you could use 4 jars of baby food carrots instead for a more smooth popsicle. Also, instead of ice cream, you could use frozen yogurt or Greek yogurt for a more healthy choice. Lastly, you could reduce the amount of sugar if you wish.

  • Half a bag of baby carrots ( 16-ounce bag )
  • 1/2 Cup of milk
  • 2 TBSP of sugar
  • 2 TBSP of brown sugar
  • 1 TSP of cinnamon
  • 1/2 TSP of ginger
  • 1/4 TSP of nutmeg
  • 1/4 TSP of salt
  • 2 Cups of vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 Cup chopped walnuts
  1. Combine all ingredients EXCEPT the ice cream and walnuts in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Add the ice cream
  3. Pour mixture into molds and freeze until slushy. Approx. 1 Hour
  4. Add walnuts, stir in to evenly distribute, insert pop sticks and freeze until solid.

I made this today and I think they are delicious. If anyone tries this, feel free to let me know how you like them!


PS. I just recently started making freezer pops and will invest in better molds. This was all I could find at our local market. I will order some online, eBay to the rescue!


Health and Happiness

Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was working out every day and eating clean. Lifting weights were my happy place, and when I got off work at 5,  that was what I was itching to do as soon as I got home. Sometimes, I would even get up before the rooster crows and hit the gym before work. And I mean this quite literally because we actually have a rooster, solid white, that we call Moonshine. Working out and getting that sweat going really is a dose of unknown energy that you didn’t know you had before. I recommend it to everyone. Try it, give it at least a month, don’t quit! I can almost guarantee the change you feel in yourself, mentally and physically, will be addictive. Pair this with clean eating, and you will be damn near unstoppable.

This was me in the best shape of my life:


Before and after of when I started working out and eating clean:



But then self-employment happened. I have spent the last year and 5 months with my head down and building my business. Literally sitting on my ass at a laptop for hours every day. If I wasn’t sleeping, eating or tending to my family I was working. Working to grow my business. All concern for my health and physical appearance went out the window. I felt like if I wasn’t doing something to grow my business, then I was losing money. But in all actuality, I was losing something much more important…. myself! I started to gain weight, I started smoking, I no longer gave a second thought to what I put in my mouth to feed my body, and drinking was an everyday thing. Absolutely no physical activity and I once was a clean freak but I even let the cleanliness of my home go.

It has just been in the past month that I have made positive changes in my life to turn this path around. I have finally gotten my eBay and Amazon reselling business going enough to where I have some breathing room. So now I want to feel that happiness again that I once felt when I was “killing it”,  so to speak, with my workouts. When I was always the one that everyone else looked at as if I were crazy because I wouldn’t dare put a fried food in my mouth. Call me vain, self-centered, conceited, whatever, but I miss being “HOT”. These awful habits that I took on have left their mark. My hair has thinned and my skin is blotchy. My pants no longer fit. I am a mess.

But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m proud to say that I quit smoking, I even threw a half a pack of Camels in the trash.  That was about a month ago and I have absolutely no plans of going pack to being controlled by something so self-destructive.  I have also started working out again. I have gone to the local park with my daughter several times and ran while she plays. I started to lift weights again and it feels amazing. I have started to watch more closely what I eat again. Baby steps because I do LOVE food. All these changes have made me happy.  I pressure washed the whole outside of my house today, something that was long over do. It was great because not only is the outside of my house now algae free but I also worked on my tan and got the benefit of physical activity today, that ladder is no joke! My family and I even went camping this past weekend where we went on a 5-mile hike through the mountains to see Hidden Falls in Oconee State Park.

Me with my love:


It feels so good to be active again. I already feel so much better, inside and out. There is one more thing that I haven’t quite changed …….the alcohol. Even as I write this there is a cold Michelob on my desk. I can’t even guess what number this makes today. I love beer. I love wine. Merlot and extra sharp cheese are my weakness. The alcohol is going to be a challenge. I ‘m not going to completely stop drinking but I do realize I need to cut back.  I was doing research online about drinking and studies show that more than 14 servings a week is excessive, I am well above that some weeks. Studies show that excessive drinking can cause thinning hair, which I have been struggling with for the past year, not to mention all the other side effects. I’m just pointing out that particular one because it is the one I notice most.

So yes, I still have things to work on but I feel as if I have come a long way. I’m slowly making my way back to myself. Back to happiness. Back to good health.

Making Memories, Soap, Owls AND Money!

I love to “make stuff”! Usually my “making stuff” is cooking or baking for my family, trying new tastes and meals. But with there being only two others besides myself in the family, and those two are very picky, my creations don’t always get eaten unless it is by me trying not to let food go to waste ( one of my pet peeves ).

Enter soap making! With soap making I have found that I can “make stuff” with endless possibilities! The past few months I have experimented with many different bath products. Soap, body scrubs and butters, lotions, beard oils, and bath bombs. I love it! The colors, fragrances, textures, presentations and not to mention the health benefits of using all natural products! I have even sold a few of my creations in my eBay store:

Dirty Girls and Guys Bath and Body

I’ve gotten some really good feedback too!


I have  gotten my 9 year old daughter hooked as well! We both love owls and I found an adorable silicone owl mold on eBay that I purchased. So a few nights ago I introduced us both to Melt-And-Pour soap and we experimented with using and layering different colors. They are not perfect but my daughter and I both had a “hoot” making these soaps and now we have some Gardenia scented owls to keep clean with!


She has been begging to make some more so I ordered some new fragrances and they came in yesterday so we plan on whipping of some more creations this weekend! I love Bramble Berry and Bulk Apothecary (not affiliated with either) for ordering fragrances, soap and lotion bases, oils and packaging. And then I have found that eBay and Amazon is a great place to order tools and other supplies.

So for anyone else that loves to “make stuff” , you may want to give soap making a try. It has really been a joy to make things that you can use with the fragrances that you love. Not to mention making a little extra money and best of all….. Making Memories!

Selling on eBay = Mind Enrinchment

It occurred to me today, after I spent about 20 minutes researching different types of sandals for women, just how much I have learned since starting eBay full time almost a year ago. I was trying to list a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals ( which I knew that much ), but had know idea the ” type” . Strappy, wedge, sling-back, belle , loafer, etc., etc., …..this list goes on and on. Apparently mine are slides. Yay! Learn something new everyday! LOL

When I started this new chapter in my life I had no clue about fashion terms. But since about half of my listings are clothes, I can now tell you about the different skirt types,  the difference in a double and single cuff, what a bat wing sleeve is and so on and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I still have A LOT to learn, but this is one of the main things that I love about what I do!

So far I would say fashion is my most enriched subject but I would love to become more proficient in antiques because I have a soft spot for the things of old. I’m attending my first estate sale tomorrow so maybe that’s a start! Hmmmm!

Kicking myself over this elephant


I’ve had this Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Elephant for probably about 10 months now. It has sat in my “warehouse” , among the many other forgotten and  abandoned stuffed animals, that are patiently awaiting new homes. I probably paid somewhere along the lines of .50 cent for it at a thrift store , brought it home, made it photo shoot ready and listed it at what I thought a fair price. Then I waited. Waited for the moment to hear that familiar “CHA-CHING” , take a look at my phone and be happily ship this adorable elephant off to it’s new life to be loved again.

Well that moment came 3 days ago on January the 12th. I was happy for the sale and I thought a total sale price of $24.59 was a pretty good win for me. Buyer’s note read “Please package carefully.” So I packed it up and sent it on it’s way to Illinois.

This is where the kicking myself comes in. Last night while scrolling through my Facebook feed I come across this link

Ringling Bros. Circus is Shutting Down after 146 years

Instantly, I regretfully think about my “good sale” a mere two days before and think to myself “IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN!”

So did this buyer have an inside tip? Or is it just a coincidence that the elephant that has sat in my keep for 10 months sells hours before it potentially could be worth alot more?!  Guess I will never know because I don’t want to shame myself even more by messaging the buyer and asking. But that’s the crazy thing about eBay, you never really know what to expect or what’s going to happen. What is just a humble elephant today, could be a treasure tomorrow. So to my buyer……Well played, Mister! Well played!

Montana and credit card rewards on my mind…..

I have been planning a trip to Montana for my little family for this year. One , because its been my dream to see Montana and possibly someday have a humble abode there, and also because I have never flown. I’m getting to the age to where I want to start experiencing the wonders of life more, and travel, travel, travel!

Which brings me to credit card rewards. Lately, when we travel, the hotels have been paid with my American Express rewards. It’s pretty awesome! I pay my American Express card balance every month. Which is important so that I’m not racking up anymore debt ( I’m in the process of paying off multiple accounts).  But, everything that I can pay for with my American Express, I do. EVERYTHING! Being an online retailer, shipping is my biggest expense. AMEX gives me TRIPLE points for shipping charges! Sweet!

So as I’m watching my points add up every month, that Montana experience s getting closer and closer for me. I plan on paying for the airline tickets with my points. So take this blog post as a tip to all online sellers. USE A CARD WITH REWARDS. Because it does pay off. These points add up quick! You are spending the money anyways, and as long as you pay the balance every month, you’re good as gold! Work smarter, not harder!

Bad Days……

Ok,  so I know that not every day is going to be on and popping with sales,  but on days like today, when I’ve barely heard two cha-chings ( my eBay people know what I’m talking about ) , it gets a little worrisome.  Reselling is my livelihood. It’s what puts food on the table and a roof over my family’s  heads’. But I guess I just have to remember the old saying,  “Mama said there’d be days like this”.

Self-employment is not all butterflies and rainbows. I’ve been at this almost a year and I still worry everyday about my growth and if it’s enough.

I refuse to go back to a ” 9-5 ” !! And it’s days like today that push me even harder tomorrow. So I’m keeping my head up, the sales world is like a roller coaster,  full of ups and downs,  and I know this by now but these “bad days” still get at me sometimes. Oh,  and it’s  Friday tomorrow so that means payday for most people,  which also means payday for me! Either that or I will be listing,  listing,  listing!!! Because common sense tells you the more products you have,  the more sales you should have. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that! ✌

Kicking off the new year!

Happy New Year everybody! My little family and I had a great time celebrating, we went to Gatlinburg, TN to watch the ball drop! Was sad seeing all the damage that the 2016 fires had done 😦 But we had a wonderful time despite that and I’m confident the Gatlinburg will come back stronger #gatlinburgstrong

15780659_10154334336859422_2735553933419647045_n           15823053_10154334336499422_2369139932930287538_n

So now its back to reality for us and I must say that I am surprised with the sales the past few days, they have been better than I expected for it being right after the end of the holiday season. But then again, I guess everybody is wanting to spend their gift cards and get some new workout gear for those resolutions! LOL

Also, I started on my taxes and was very pleased to figure up my gross sales for the year 2016. It was about $20,000 more than I made in my 9-5. So it is very possible to make a living as a reseller,  folks, but don’t get me wrong , it’s hard work! But like the saying goes, ” IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO, YOU WILL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE ” Today I just finished “catching up” from my being out of my selling routine for a few days and tomorrow I’m hitting it hard with listing again.

Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings and where it takes me!!!!! Later!

I’m back!

As I sit here on my couch waiting for the chicken to get done in the boyfriend’s new smoker that I bought him for Christmas, I reflect on what a productive day it has been!


Up and at ’em early since 5 AM , it has been a day full of shipping orders and listing new products! Finally starting to work on the pile of clothes that has been sitting in the living room for weeks since I now have a steam option on the new dryer that my BF got me for Christmas, and I must say that Whirlpool makes getting those wrinkles out a breeze! Sales have not been too shabby today and I even received a nice personal email from a happy customer last night!


It’s always nice to know my efforts in providing great customer service are appreciated!

I’m have been working more on Shopify as well and hope to have my own website up and running within a year, all the while trying to utilize social media more to acquire sales.

Anywho, chicken is done and me and the fam are about to dig in so, toodles!

First blog post

Ok, so its about 11:30PM on a Tuesday and I just made this blog. I am new to this , tired, and a few Bud Lights in so all I can say right now is I will be back after I look around this site a bit , figure some things out , and get a good nights sleep so I can come back refreshed and ready to go!